tidying up them SNS

trying to make my online presence that much simpler and cleaner
i just went ahead and deleted my facebook and flickr accounts.
facebook is getting so annoying to use it’s not funny anymore and
flickr is just getting a little too plain and unadventurous.

ideally i’d like to narrow down my presence to one or two services.
the big dilemma here is with my diary ramblings. should i write here
or keep all my writings in mixi.

until the break

one more day until the summer break and i’m just hoping that i’ll get paid properly and on time… although chances are slim.

sometimes i wonder whether our boss feels guilty or responsible for bringing the company down to such a pathetic state. doubt it though.

i’m now having to live by the day trying to save every penny for the following day. having said that my superior is definitely having much tougher times since he has 3 kids and a wife to feed as well. oh how my heart ached when i noticed the lovely home-made lunches he used to bring in being replaced by plastic grub bags…

poor guy…