thinking with chuhai on one hand

since the weather is cooling down again i’m going to restart my jogging mornings pretty soon.

recent lunchtimes included a 45 minute walk around the marunouchi area, which if i add to the 40-minute
commution walks every morning and evening make up to around 85 minutes of nice daily exercise. now let’s see if i can knock off another 10 kilos by adding jogging to the whole mix.

tidying up them SNS

trying to make my online presence that much simpler and cleaner
i just went ahead and deleted my facebook and flickr accounts.
facebook is getting so annoying to use it’s not funny anymore and
flickr is just getting a little too plain and unadventurous.

ideally i’d like to narrow down my presence to one or two services.
the big dilemma here is with my diary ramblings. should i write here
or keep all my writings in mixi.