the forbidden photo

I thought I’d share a rather rare photo before the official ones come out.

This was taken literally minutes before the curtains rise for the second act.

Normally this kind of silliness would be seriously frowned upon, considering we’re only separated from the audience by nothing but a thin layer of curtain.

As I was “getting into character” for the second act I notice the 3 of them posing and taking the shot.

“Quit mucking about!” I decided to tell them off.

Much to my surprise they wave fervently, inviting me into the photo.

For a moment I was torn in between having to be all team leadery and proper, and just being part of the silly family.

…As you can see, the silly part got the better of me.

The Power of Music, The Power of Humans

As a result of for all the love and support all of you have given me in the past 2 years or so, yesterday’s performance drew to a successful close. I would like to thank all those who helped out behind the stage, the sound, imagery and lighting engineers, both my mentors and of course my fellow members who stuck by with me through thick and thin.

What started as one madman’s (my) imagination quickly inflated into a monster. Amidst the numerous conflicts and arguments, and my deteriorating health, there were countless times where I really wanted to give up.

However with the endless support from all those around me I was able to pull through, deliver and dare I say grow up as a performer, leader and as a person. I feel that I have gained someething priceless throughout the entire process.











Love, Peace and Music.